As a family-owned and operated business since 1927, Ostroff Electric has taken NYC High-End Residential Electrical to a new level. Having been right up front when the current high-end boom started 30 years ago, Ostroff Electric has kept pace with the industry’s ever-changing technology. While many companies’ business plans included focusing on commercial, residential and industrial, Ostroff Electrics business plan made it a point to always stay within the narrow vertical market of high-end residential.

Our clients demand our staff of 100 electricians meet their expectations on every level and with the quality of work that makes them the top tier of General Contractors in NYC. While working with top architects, interior designers and electrical engineers, they all know that Ostroff Electric will be a part of the team that supports them in the completion of a successful project.

As part of the technology boom in recent years, home automation systems and motorized shading have become major components of many projects. The designers, engineers, AV and General Contractors know that we will be able to integrate all systems top to bottom, and with the professional expertise our partners and clients have come to expect of Ostroff.